Building a Secure, Interoperable, Global Network of Distributed Energy Resources.

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In this decade, millions of solar+storage systems, public EV charging stations, and bi-directional EV’s will come online. Fully leveraged, these assets become critical infrastructure to balance energy generation with demand, form virtual power plants on the fly, and instill stability and resilience in the power grid.

To realize this future, a service that combines three critical elements is required:


An interoperable network that includes stationary- and mobile DER assets.


An integrated cyber/physical security solution that enables DER assets to detect, defend, and recover from cyber/physical attacks that are unique to the power grid.


An adaptive machine learning system that ties it all together.

DER Security Corp (“DERSec”) is building a secure communication network that combines global interoperability with cutting-edge cyber/physical security protection, detection, resilience, and recovery technology for the 21st century grid.


The foundation of the DERSec solution are tools for confirming cyber/physical interoperability, network server load testing, and client-level network access.



For fleet managers and grid operators, DERSec NetOps is a complete solution for commissioning, deploying, operating, and optimizing DER networks at scale where IEEE 1547-2018 conformance is required.

For power conversion device manufacturers, DERSec NetOps provides a network and security solution that enables successful U.S. market entry and verifiable security segmentation between the power conversion- and power control planes.

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For DER product development and testing.

  • Physical & communication interoperability validation to IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards.

  • Communication compliance validation to SunSpec Modbus standard.

  • Accelerates time to market by months.

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For DER network server testing.

  • Provides capacity validation for IEEE 2030.5 servers.

  • Enables cyber/physical fuzz testing for clients & servers.

  • Accurately determines capacity limits of networks.

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Edge security & intelligence for multi-protocol DER gateways.

  • Delivers guaranteed interoperability between IEEE 2030.5 and SunSpec Modbus communication protocols.

  • Manages DER communications settings and policies.

  • Detects, reports, and mitigates anomalous physical behavior.

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Tom Tansy is a solar industry leader and serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold multiple high-value technology companies. An expert in energy information, photovoltaics, renewable energy, computer networking, and information systems, Tom founded and led the SunSpec Alliance, where he still serves as Executive Chairman.
Venkat Prabhala, CFO
Venkat Prabhala is an experienced financial executive with extensive experience in technology ventures. Venkat has directed finance and enabled the sale of multiple cybersecurity companies.
Jay Johnson, CTO
Jay Johnson is the Chief Technology Officer at DER Security Corp.  Jay is coordinating the construction of cybersecurity protection, detection, and response technologies for EV chargers, renewable energy installations, and energy storage systems. Previously, Jay was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories.
Bill Anderson, CRO
Dr. Bill Anderson is Chief Revenue Officer at DER Security.  Bill has extensive experience founding and operating security software companies. Bill has held executive roles in technology, product management and marketing and has performed multiple successful M&A transactions at public and private technology companies.

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